Changemaker Circle (Group Coaching)

Changemaker Circle (Group Coaching)

Changemaker Circle (Group Coaching) | SEO Coach Randy Lyman


Right now I’m offering a special lifetime price for my Changemaker Circle group coaching program. It’s my “launch special,” so time is limited.

I created the Changemaker Circle to provide ongoing support for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to get better at blogging, social media, and the rest of their digital marketing. I provide education, feedback, accountability, and other support. Plus you’ll have the support of other members working on their own projects and campaigns.

My Changemaker Circle group coaching program includes:

  • Group coaching and discussion calls the first and third Wednesday of each month
  • Access to the full Writing for the Age of Lies content library

And right now, Founding Members get a bonus I won’t be offering to anyone else: Lifetime access to everything in the content library: ALL courses, ebooks, and other information products I offer in the future. When the special offer is over, the Changemaker Circle will switch to a monthly/annual membership model. That makes now the time to lock in your lifetime price and never pay again.


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