Enter the Changemaker Circle

Enter the Changemaker Circle

Enter the Changemaker Circle | Randy Lyman | Writer | SEO Specialist

For just a little longer, I’m offering a special lifetime price for my new Changemaker Circle group coaching program. It’s my “launch special,” so I’m only offering it this one time.

I created the Changemaker Circle to provide ongoing support for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to get better at blogging, social media, or other parts of online media.

Sometimes you have to do it yourself, and I’m here to help with that by providing education, feedback, accountability, or other support. And you’ll have the support of other members working on similar projects of their own.

Group calls take place the first and third Wednesday each month, with a “make-up session” the third Friday. Come to any or all.

In addition, Founding Members get a bonus I won’t be offering to anyone else: Lifetime access to everything in the Writing for the Age of Lies content library: the on-demand course I’m developing ($700 value!) plus ALL courses, ebooks, and related information products I offer in the future. There’s also a forum to ask questions and start discussions.

When the special offer is over, the Changemaker Circle will switch to a monthly/annual membership model. That makes now the time to lock in your lifetime price and never pay again.


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