SEO Services

SEO Services

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Local SEO Services

One-time and ongoing services to help your business get found by people looking for products and services in their area.

Content Marketing (On-page SEO)

Advanced SEO services to support your blog, campaign, or other content strategy. For digital marketing agencies and SMBs. 

Private SEO Coaching

Work with me 1-1 in a program customized to your needs (and budget).

Group Coaching

Get support from me and others in the same boat as you.

When you work with me, you get a combined breadth of knowledge, depth of experience, and personal understanding you won’t find elsewhere.

As an independent SEO specialist, not a big agency, I offer personalized service with a simplified, practical, straight-talk approach. I’ve been working in digital communications a long time, and I’ve trained and worked with many non-technical people over the years. So I know how it is for you.

In short, I provide local SEO and on-page SEO services to local and purpose-driven businesses who want to attract more clicks to their website and more feet to their locations.

I also work with digital marketing agencies, providing keyword research, competitor research, and local SEO expertise for projects or campaigns.

I do those things for businesses too, and offer a variety of coaching programs to suit the needs and budgets of SMBs who want more clients or customers in their geographic area.

Finally, I work in collaboration with you to upskill you and your team — training as well as doing — so you can be more independent, keep your overhead down, and move your message more effectively.

I don’t want to be just another vendor selling services; I want to be your partner who helps you succeed. That’s why I do this, after all.


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