My Services

My Services

If you book before the end of 2020, take a 50% discount on all coaching programs even if we don’t start until 2021. That’s right, pay half-price for all my coaching programs when you pay by Dec. 31, 2020.

Throughout my life journey, I’ve often found myself in positions where I could change people’s lives with words. Few experiences have matched the deep, satisfying thrill of seeing something I wrote make a real difference in the world. I’ve been fortunate.
Now I’m coaching others on how they can change the world with words too.
My goal in “Writing for the Age of Lies” is to share what I’ve learned from 35 years working in communications for a variety of progressive organizations. I’ve been a reporter, editor, publicist, communications coordinator, self-publisher, and more since getting my first client in 1986 doing desktop publishing on a Mac Plus with 1K of RAM.
Along the (very long) way, I’ve learned many tips, tricks, mindsets, and workflows for getting a lot done by yourself or with few resources.
My plan: Write it all down for all the conscious companies trying to make a difference in the world with their message as well as their products or services. You’ve got something to say, not just sell. I’m here to help you say it.
I’m going to share all that in these pages. The world needs conscious companies and their message of hope and prosperity more than ever.
Here’s how we can work together:

1. Subscribe to the Blog

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2. Coaching for Solopreneurs & Teams

Working with me privately always starts with a free one-hour consultation. We see what’s up and what course of action makes sense.
Click here to take advantage of my half-price pandemic discount on all programs — available only through Dec. 31, 2020.
I offer coaching programs in two sizes and two formats:
  • 5-session and 10-session coaching programs for solopreneurs
  • 1/2-day and full-day programs for small teams or offices (2-4 people)

Changemaker Program

  • For Solopreneurs: 5 one-hour private sessions – $397 ($199 through Dec. 31)
  • For Teams: 1/2-day (3 hours) live group session, 1 hour private coaching with each participant, follow-up sessions after 1 and 2 months – $797 (+$99 each additional person) ($398 through Dec. 31)

Visionary Program

  • For Solopreneurs: 10 one-hour private sessions – $750 ($375 through Dec.31)
  • For Teams: Full day (6 hours + break) live group session, 1 hour of private coaching with each participant, follow-up sessions after 1, 2, and 4 months – $1,500 (+$99 each additional person) ($750 through Dec. 31)

Premium Partnership

  • For Solopreneurs & Teams: Premium ongoing consulting. Ask for a quote.

Take advantage of my pandemic discount before Dec. 31. Click here to take 50% off any program.

3. StartWriting.Today

Take a break from formats and formulas and give your writing spirit a back massage with StartWriting.Today. My live “writing creativity” workshop is now a fun, one-hour Zoom workshop that you can arrange for your organization or team.
I lead participants through short, simple writing exercises that open your eyes and ears to find inspiration from what’s all around you. Contact me to learn more and schedule today.
I’m also available to speak or present at your group’s online meeting.

Get in Touch

For information about any of my services, please reach out through my contact form or email me at

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