About Me & Writing for the Age of Lies

About Me & Writing for the Age of Lies

Your business has more than something to sell — you have something to say. I’m here to help you say it.

Early in my writing career I experienced dramatically the power of words to make a difference in the world. Now I inspire others to experience that feeling.

That’s why I created Writing for the Age of Lies: as a new way to write a book and share its knowledge and benefits while I’m writing.

I began my writing career as a publicist and desktop publisher in the 1980’s, then became a journalist in the ’90’s and activist in the ’00’s. Today I’m continuing the narrative arc of my career as an author and blogging coach to help conscious companies and others make a difference with words as well as deeds.

What is this all about?

Writing for the Age of Lies brings together a lifetime of writing and digital publishing experience in a practical, approachable way that entrepreneurs with a message can apply to their own business.

People learn in different ways. This started as a book idea, and then became a blog, course, and coaching program too.

All the parts will be available separately in early 2022, but for now I’m writing it in a unique way, by engaging my readers in the process.

  • Old School (20th Century): Write a book proposal, send it to publishers until one accepts, then write the book, then publish and market it. Lonely path.
  • 21st Century: Write the book in public, as a blog, and engage readers along the way to make it even better. Self-publish in multiple formats, build community.

Engaging readers is the idea behind my group coaching program, the Changemaker Circle. Participants get the full book and course both in the end and along the way, improving it with their feedback. At the same time, they get group coaching with support from me and others for their own blogging, content marketing, and on-page SEO (search engine optimization).

Why am I doing this?

Like I said, I learned early the power of words to make a difference in the world.

Today my goal is to support entrepreneurs with something to say.  The kind of people business guru Ryan Eliason calls “changemakers” — who want to make an impact with their message as well as their products or services.

I believe social entrepreneurs and other purpose-driven and conscious companies are a critical force for positive change in a world that needs their voices more than ever.

Why me?

For me, social entrepreneurship is a way to carry on the fight for a better world by other means.

Here’s something surprising I learned in the transition: I was already using the web, email, and social media to motivate people to take action, except in business it’s called “content marketing” instead of organizing. Making a sale and getting out the vote are both conversions.

I’m creating Writing for the Age of Lies to share the practical, manageable approach I’ve worked out over the years — ways to work smarter instead of harder at creating and publishing.

My philosophy combines my natural West Coast idealism with a Midwestern practicality I learned as a journalist in the 1990s: how to fight city hall and where to get the best meal after the rally.

Your message does no good unless people find it and read it. So let’s get to work on that.

Start by reading the blog or learning about my coaching programs. And keep writing.


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