About this Blog & Book

About this Blog & Book

“Writing for the Age of Lies” is a book that I’m writing as a blog first.
By writing it in front of a live studio audience (i.e. you), I’m hoping to find my readers and get feedback during the process to make the finished book as helpful as possible.
I started this project in September 2020, during the pandemic, and intend to offer it as a complete book in the second half of 2021. I plan to develop parts of it into free and paid mini-courses, downloads, and things like that as I go along.
Subscribe to the blog using the form below — or pretty much anywhere in the blog section — and I’ll keep you in the know about all of it.
I don’t want you to get bogged down on this page, so please browse the book-in-progress, learn more about me and my offerings, and stay engaged.

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