About Me

About Me

Since my communications career began in 1985, I’ve been a journalist, activist, editor, online publisher, and more. I’ve worked for newspapers, unions, and arts organizations.

Today I’m an independent business trying to bring all of that together into something I hope is unique and useful — so that others can move the world with their writing too.

Along the way I’ve learned to combine my native West Coast idealism with a Midwestern practicality. I first saw the power of this combination at the influential weekly San Francisco Bay Guardian, which taught generations of activists (and reporters) how to fight city hall and where to get the best meal after the rally.

“Writing for the Age of Lies” attempts to carry on this tradition. I’ll cover practical topics like apps, blog post formats, and search optimization; but also socially responsible technology and the idea that social enterprise is an important and growing force for both social change and economic opportunity.

The purpose of the book (and all my services) is to support conscious companies, the kind of people Ryan Eliason calls “changemakers” — social entrepreneurs, holistic healers, movement builders, and other socially aware and heart-based organizations. People who strive to “do well by doing good.”

And who have something to say. I’m here to help them say it.

To learn more about why I do what I do — and why I call this the “age of lies” — read my blog post “Websites & Weed: My First Lesson in Message Framing.”

My Core Values

Creativity. I approach each project uniquely and create an individual voice for it.

Excellence. I am committed to ensuring all my work is of the highest quality.

Reliability. I do what I say.

Growth. I want to grow my business, coach more people, evolve as a person.

Integrity. I operate with wholeness, fitness, appropriateness, synergy, and honesty in everything I do.

Activism. I feel duty-bound to improve the world to honor my symbiotic relationship with it.

Beauty. I create things that inspire beyond words.

Other Things I Do

FutureNostalgiaNow.Today is my personal blog on Medium. I write about a variety of things.

My Instagram Social Justice Calendar is an ongoing project because the struggle for social justice never ends and reminders help with that.

I indulge my other passions and hobbies through a couple Twitter accounts:

  • @NostalgiaNotes for my lifelong interest in science, science fiction, technology, and culture.
  • @ThePetUncle for my love of animals. Real men love cats.

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